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Anger Control Games...

Stop That Angry Thought
: Situation and Response Cards

by Max Nass (2004, Creative Therapy, 19.50)
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Here's a deck of cards that teaches children how to manage their anger. Using two internal dialog techniques--Thought Stopping and Self-Talk--kids can stop anger in its tracks. By simply playing cards, they learn to envision a STOP sign whenever their anger is triggered and to replace their angry thoughts with more positive responses. The game consists of a deck of cards containing 37 numbered pairs. Each pair includes a "Situation Card" and a corresponding "Response Card." On each response card, you'll see a big red stop sign--a cue that children will quickly internalize. For 2-4 Players; Grades 1-6.

Remote Control Anger Control

Edited by Franklin Rubenstein (2009, Franklin Learning, 24.95)
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Actually two games in one: There are both competitive and cooperative versions of this game...Grades 1–5, and Grades 6–9. The two age groups have separate decks of cards. During the game, players read brief case studies adapted from the angry behavior of real kids. Players then practice one of the three essential skills: they PAUSE and describe an additional feeling that they might have along with anger in the scenario, or they REWIND and describe a time in the past when they have been successful calming their angry feelings, or they FAST FORWARD and describe a typical angry response or behavior that might follow the scenario and the probable consequence if the angry behavior is acted on. 2-5 Players; Grades 1-9.

You Can Control Your Anger
: Emotional Intelligence GameBook

by Lawrence Shapiro (2006, Instant Help, 21.95/spiral)
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A unique "gamebook" that is designed to teach kids how to handle their anger and express their feelings in productive ways. The book comes with a detachable spinner that is used to play three different games: the Stopping Your Anger Game (that teaches specific anger control techniques); the Keeping Calm Game (that helps kids role-play ignoring anger triggers), and the Talking About Anger Game (that helps kids learn to communicate their feelings in appropriate ways). The book also includes reward point tickets and reward coupons to motivate kids to play. Grades 1-6.

Escape from Anger Island
: A 15-Minute Counseling Game

by Franklin Rubenstein & Lawrence Shapiro (2006, Franklin Learning, 49.95)
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Players try to escape from Anger Island (and a pursuing dinosaur) by learning one of six anger management techniques, such as self-calming, communicating feelings, and creating compromises. One skill is worked on in each 15-minute counseling session and activities are suggested for practice in between sessions. Counselors keep track of each child's progress with an Anger Management Checklist. A fun and inventive way to help kids learn about anger. Grades 1-5.

Furious Fred
: Anger Control & Violence Prevention Game

by Franklin Rubenstein (2005, Franklin Learning, 49.95)
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Fred is a student, who in the past has been quick to get angry and quick to try to get back at others. He used screaming, threats, pushing, and hitting. Players earn points by giving Fred good advice on how to deal with frustrating and anger provoking situations, both at school and at home. Fred is teased, bullied, and blamed by a teacher for something he didn't do, frustrated when his sister changes the TV channel, etc. A helpful Teacher's Materials Booklet with complete lesson plans is also included. Grades 2-5.

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